Mr. Ham

Processed completely by hand and aged in natural cellars.


Our thighs are heavy as we prefer to slaughter mature pigs.

Processing begins by going to cold detach and trim the pork thighs, not, however, before undergoing an initial refrigeration of at least 24 hours.

The thighs are meticulously hand-pressed so that excess fluid and blood flow out.


A mixture of Cervia whole grain salt, garlic pepper and other local spices is then made.


The mixture is massaged over the entire surface of the thighs, after which it is used to coat the thighs, which are placed in a special room to rest for several days.

This processing cycle is repeated three times.


At the end of the salting period, the thighs are washed to remove the spice mixture, and placed to dry in special abundantly ventilated space that goes to recreate the Tramontana wind.

Once dried, the thighs are “toileted” by going to remove the surface part so that the ham can
and can release the internal moisture and put into pre-curing.


At the completion of the sixth month, the thighs are covered with protective lard and placed to mature in our natural cellars, which are located at an elevation of about 820 meters.

The minimum maturation period for thighs is 24 months.


Finally, tapping, an olfactory examination that allows noncompliant hams to be detected before they are placed on the market, is carried out.

Ham is the noblest part of the pig and is also the part that undergoes the most processing and the longest curing time before being marketed.

From the Grey Swine to the
Casentino Ham

Excellence of the territory