A family-run business

This beautiful but tiring business is definitely driven by the deep passion of owner and company founder Claudio Orlandi and his family, who with dedication follow all the links in the chain, from pig births , to breeding to processing and marketing the products in the market.

All these processes are carried out with thegoal of achieving the highest quality of products. The farm was established in the early 1980s as a pig farm only.

Then in the early years. 2000, changing market demands, Claudio felt the need to integrate his livestock business with the part of meat processing and marketing, focusing everything on the high quality of the final product.

“A job, but mostly a passion.”

The company’s quality assurance lies essentially in the fact that it owns the entire supply chain and therefore can personally follow every small detail of the production cycle with utmost care and attention.

For the past few years, the sons have also joined the company and are carrying on the tradition for the third generation.