Our breeding of
Cinta Senese

The “Cinta Senese” breed of pig.

The Cinta Senese pig is considered the native breed of Tuscany, characterized by a dark coat and a white spotted band at the level of the front legs. Historical evidence shows that CINTA SENESE was bred as early as Etruscan and Roman times. The breed that was on the verge of extinction was later recovered by going on to reopen the breed registry

The protection consortium: “D.O.P.”

Since 2012, the Cinta Senese has become the subject of PDO protection, a prestige obtained thanks to its territorial peculiarities, from which it derives unique characteristics related to the type of feeding, animal welfare and consequent taste of the meat. The
was established to ensure the protection of the breed and compliance with the production specification. Our company is part of it, both as a breeding company and as a meat processor.

The type of farming: within the “Casentino Forest Park”

In our Cinta Senese PDO free-range pig farm, pigs are free to graze within a fenced area of about 15 ha, with a density of less than 10 pigs per ha. In addition to herbaceous pastures, there are wooded areas of chestnut and oak trees that seasonally provide chestnuts and acorns, which, along with the products of the undergrowth, provide valuable nutrition for the animals. Sustainability is also ensured by the slow growth and prolonged life span of the pigs as well as the animal welfare of the pigs, without going to the ecosystem of the land.

Cinta Senese: the “quality of meat”

The breed retains completely unique organoleptic and food quality characteristics. The flavorful and succulent meat and the melt-in-your-mouth and delicate fat part represent a mix of goodness. The fatty part has a higher concentration of unsaturated fats such as Omega 3 and Omega 6, making it an excellent meat with dietary properties.