Our breeding of
Casentino Grey Pig

Casentino gray pig: “what is it?”

Casentino Grigio pig is derived exclusively from the crossbreeding of first-generation pigs, between Large White breed, with Cinta Senese breed. The existence of this pig was traced as a result of studies of nineteenth-century historical texts, which recounted the production of fine Casentino hams made from thighs of native pigs “with a burnished coat.” Animals used for crossbreeding must be registered in the“Registers” of native genetic types. In order to ensure the traceability of the raw material, an identification code must be affixed to the legs of each pig.

The Consortium for Protection: “Casentino Ham”

The Consortium “Prosciutto del Casentino,” was formed by the local authorities of the area to serve as a body for the protection and preservation of the Casentino Grigio pig, a breed indigenous to the area brought back to life thanks to it. A strict
, for both pig breeding and processing, makes it possible to monitor all the cycles of the supply chain: from breed identification,free-range breeding, feeding to meat processing and curing.

Type of farming: in the “wild state”

At an elevation of about 820 meters, within the Casentino Forest National Park, sits our open-air herd of Casentino Grey pigs. The pigs are free to roam within a fenced area of about 15 ha, where there are wooded areas of chestnut and oak trees that, together with undergrowth products (tubers, mushrooms, roots), seasonally provide valuable nutrition for the animals. It is supplemented exclusively with flour obtained by grinding barley, corn and field beans grains, directly within our farm mill. Grigio del Casentino pigs have a life span of up to 24 months on average.

Casentino gray: the “quality of meat”

The result of the animals’ quality of life is also found in the meat. Which have exceptional marbling, a good texture given by the muscularity of the meat, and a good layer of fatty tissue consisting mainly of healthy fat, rich in Omega3 and Omega 6. Therefore, this type of farming follows the rhythms of Nature by bringing back ancient traditions and culture.

From the Grey Swine to the
Casentino Ham

Excellence of the territory