Our breeding of
White Pig

White pigs: “Large White”

Large White pigs are raised on the farm with dedication. This is the most widespread and globally bred breed, recognizable by a coat with white bristles and pinkish skin. The breeding cycle involves meticulous controlled feeding and a very high animal welfare rate to ensure that the natural life cycle is respected.

A “Controlled and Guaranteed” supply chain.

Claudio follows the entire breeding cycle: pedigree animals, purchased from certified farms, are bred by natural stud, after which gestation and parturition are followed in the barn. The young are suckled by the sows and are weaned in straw , following the timing of the natural cycle, so the average lifespan of the pigs is around 16 months, until they reach at least 180 kg in weight. Vaccinations strictly follow national veterinary regulations.

Type of breeding: “loose housing”

The farm, within the first local unit, dedicately raises Large White pigs in controlled and sanitized spaces at a low density of animals per stall allowing for recreation, socialization and play activities for the animal. All parameters in terms of animal welfare and biosecurity are meticulously observed. The entire breeding chain is carefully followed, from breeding with natural mating, gestation, birth, weaning and rearing.

White Pig: “nutrition and meat quality”

The feeding of pigs is controlled by the farm in that only flour obtained by grinding barley, corn and field beans grains is fed, the processing of which takes place within the farm mill. Grains come partly from the farm and neighboring lands in the harvest season, and partly are purchased in the domestic market. All this results in a high level of animal welfare and consequent meat quality.